Military, Police  and Inmate Process Serving

Military Service of Process


With increasing threats to our nation, gaining access to military installations is becoming harder and harder and can be time consuming.  Some process serving companies have to wait 2 - 3 weeks before they can gain access, but EGA Process Serving can gain immediate access producing faster results.  EGA proudly employs military and veterans as our process servers.

Service of Process on Police Officers

Each county and municipality is different in its protocol on serving a police officer with court documents.  EGA has learned the protocol for each county in Maryland, Washington D.C., as well as the counties of Northern VA. 

Not all counties will allow the desk sergeant to accept court documents and if they are allowed it must pertain to the officers official capacity.




Service of Process on Resident Agent


Before EGA begins serving your documents on a resident agent, we check MDSDAT and other state departments of assessment and taxation. Some companies fail to report that they have a new resident agent and/or fail to report the new address on where they are located.  

In the state of Maryland, if the company did not update their new address or resident agent, we can serve MDSDAT or the Superintendent of Corporations in Washington D.C.

Service of Process on Inmates


Serving an inmate in jail takes a lot of phone calls and arrangements to meet the inmate.  Each detention center has its own protocol on serving the inmates as well as jails and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 


To first find the inmate, we’ve provided links to some resources to assist you.


About Us

With over a decade of experience EGA has been expertly serving the needs of lawyers, agencies and pro-se individuals throughout Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia.  EGA is professionally and personally accountable to every client, regardless of whether you’re a pro-se client, an attorney or an agency. Our professional and dedicated staff go above and beyond our competitors.  It is our belief that every client should be afforded quality and affordable process serving within the standards of the law.

Hours of Operation

Our process servers serve court documents 7 days a week. To reach us outside of business hours, please use our contact us form or the chat service offered on our website.


Our office hours are:

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To reach us outside of office hours, please use the contact us form or the chat service offered on our website.

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